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Welcome to IshaBasu Mumbai Escort Agency, the one stop spot for access to Beautiful Mumbai girls from all over the city. The gorgeous ladies that are associated with us are all independent profiles who want to explore this part of life. Mumbai is the Bollywood city with lots of beautiful Actresses, Models and beauties that will fill your heart with happiness.
As men, we enjoy alot of aspects about women like looks, appearances, figure, curves and many more things that just bring a smile on your face. Let us point out that all the qualities that you are looking for in our Mumbai Escorts, you will get more than just that. Overall you will have a experience like none other and partnering with us will be the best decision you would have made in a long time.

Keeping your Identity safe from thew wrong hands

Here at IshaBasu Mumbai Escorts, we value our customers personal life. That's why we make sure to have complete discretion about you and your Identity. We as the Escort agency in Mumbai will never ask you for any important details like security details, banking details etc. There are many fake agencies that may cheat you and threaten to leak your identity, so be extremely careful while going ahead with other agencies.
But with us, your identity is as safe as the Monalisa. So relax, free your mind of any worries that you may have. Give us a call to make your day better with our lovely Mumbai escorts. We value our clients, that is the reason why we have a dedicated clientèle who knock our doors to get the satisfaction they want. Why don't you give us a try and understand why we are the best.

Why choose our Escorts Mumbai in the first place?

We have alot of experience in this line of work. We have seen ups and downs, and through this bumpy ride we have organized ourselves to the point where we started understanding our clients needs. We have had many types of customers who have different requirements and needs. We have tried to structure our prices in such a way that we have something to offer to all our clients.
But lets answer the question that we get asked the most, Is it Legal? yes, it definitely is, Whats illegal is Pimping girls and owning Brothels. You are in no particular danger when it comes to law and when it comes to taking our Escort services.
All of our girls are sexy, hygienic and love to have a good conversation. So, keeping it real is something that they love to do, and also expect the same from you. Keep yourself prepared as it will be a spectacular day for you.


Modernizing our Entire process of hiring our Mumbai Escorts

This is the digital era, which means most of the work can be done without meeting face to face. We always try to help our customers to get the best services without any complications. We have a well dedicated customer service that will guide you through the entire process from start to end, without any fuss. Once everything has been cleared and you name is on our reservation list than all you need to do is sit back, get prepared and wait for a call from our Independent Mumbai escort, who will make sure you have a moment of your lifetime.

Mumbai Escorts Etiquette

There is a certain way people perceive Escorts on a whole. We want to make the guidelines of undertaking our services clear to our clients. First of all our we and our Mumbai escorts value hygiene above all, So make sure you are in tip top form to meet our beauty. Keeping a neat attire on will definitely help your chance to get the best from our Independent Mumbai Escort.
Ill treatment is not acceptable in any case and will definitely not be encouraged by us or our girls. Make sure to treat her with the respect that you would give to your girlfriend or wife. Above all, try to have a good time, make her comfortable and get her to open up. That way, you are sure to feel the proper heat and sweat of erotic love making.

Lovely profile Waiting for you

Now explore our Mumbai Escorts at your Fingertips

The process is rather straight forward, You can give us a call on the number provided, or leave a WhatsApp message. Our customer care will guide you if you have any further queries related to the booking process.

All our girls are Independent Profiles who have their own terms and charges. Keeping all this in mind, the rate might fluctuate and vary from time to time.

Female escorts in Mumbai here to help you relax

All of our girls are completely well matured and knows what a man's needs are. So do not shy away from telling them any of your desires that you want to be fulfilled, and for the right prices, nothing is impossible. Our Mumbai escorts completely understand the nature of this business, they are aware that guys love to have their hands all over their girls body. They are among the most talented and will show you the true meaning of Lusty sex. You will mourn to happiness with her.

Find a Friend with our Mumbai escorts


We have time and again always mentioned that our Mumbai escorts are among the only most sought out girls in Mumbai. They are also individuals who have love to spend a good time with people and also expect to resonate in the same way. Keeping the above things in mind we can make strongly suggest you to build a connection with our independent Mumbai escorts and have a meaningful conversation with them. The major throwback will be to discuss any issues that you are facing, and our beauties will guide you through your pain and make you feel as comfortable as possible.


Lovely Mumbai girls Available in all Locations


Mumbai is a very big city with very different suburbs existing withing it. There are people all over the place who are eager to ho for escort services. Previously there was a dedicated place where people from all over the city would come and pursue their services. But in the present world of technology, Our Mumbai escort services have upgraded and have become optimized.

Now the entire booking process can be achieved by on-line chats and phone calls. Now we offer Elite Mumbai escorts at your doorstep. Once you have decided which girl to go for, and the payment details have been confirmed by our Customer care executives, all you will need to do is wait patiently for our Lovely call girl to come and make your life a much happier place.


Top Model escorts at Affordable Rates in Mumbai


There are numerous agencies who claim to have to best escorts, and then there are agencies that claim to have the cheapest. But with Ishabasu Mumbai Escorts, we can confidently say that we have the best independent Mumbai escorts for the most reasonable rates. The services that you get is out of this world and is priced right based on our experience. You are sure to get the most unforgettable experience of your life.

Most Exclusive Isha Basu Escorts in Mumbai


Isha Basu is not only our most sought out Independent Mumbai escort, but also an inspiration for all our our Elite Beauties.

She is a mesmerizing beauty who is a stand alone work of art. She is very professional with her work and knows how to set the mood. Her presence is refreshing and her ways of making love are straight out of a fantasy book. She has made herself a name in the community and you will be lucky to find a free slot for her.

She is the perfect example of a strong woman who has cleared all her life issues and is now pursuing a very commendable life.


What  made Isha Basu The most desirable Mumbai escort


Isha Basu is an exceptional women who knows her way with men. The most important talent she has is integrity, Handling clients with care and respect and pliability on prices.

She has always maintained hygiene and urges her clients to do the same. Regular exercise and workouts has given her a goddess like figure, which drives every man crazy.

She has a very pleasant aroma that just sexualize's your entire body, giving you the urge to get down with her.


Gorgeous Mumbai escorts as Lovable sex partners


All of our girls are extremely talented in the art of making love. Each of our girls have their own unique way of turning a man on, with explicitly. The moment you lay eyes on her, you are sure to loose your mind with happiness. When you enter the room with our young Mumbai escort, you will enter a state of trance, a buzz that is felt when she starts touching you.

They can negotiate on the prices as well, but do know that the price that she charges is the way to get the best she can offer. Your time spent with her will be divine and nothing can beat the feeling of amazement that comes with her. In-fact you will completely fall in love with our girls and will also make sure to revisit her every chance you get. That is indeed a lovely feeling.

Why is IshaBasu Mumbai Escort the best Escort agency in the city?

We have a wide array of beautiful girls. This means that we have something to offer to all classes of people. You will surely be astonished by the quality of services that is kept in store for you.

Attributes of the Top Escort agency in Mumbai

We can confidently say that we are a reliable when it comes to Mumbai escort services. Safety of the client. We also respect the time of our clients and waste no time and are punctual on this front.   The service that is provided is nothing like any other agency so, do not worry much and opt for our services. Mumbai.


How safe are you and your identity with us?

 We here at IshaBasu Mumbai escort agency understand that nobody likes to have the tag of Casanova hanging around their collar. Thats the reason we take maximum measures when it comes to maintaining our clients privacy. We  have the responsibility of our clients and we try to keep things in the ’s personal data with any other Agencies. We never encouraged  to disclose with any other personality or independent escort in Mumbai.